Monday, July 18, 2011

A Craft Day!

Last Friday, I had a craft day with my mom, grandma, aunt and cousin. We made tissue paper pom poms.

My first expiriment.. A tissue paper flower.

These were so much fun to make! 

another little flower

My husband being silly :)

I hung mine in my room.

This is what I did with the little flower.

We had fun making these! You can find the instructions here-


  1. Adorable and cute. I love the look of the three hanging from the ceiling! Perfect for a little girl's room (I'm thinking grand-daughter little girl)

  2. Fleur de lis, I agree! I am totally going to do this in my daughter's room! Cute idea.

  3. I have been wanting to do these to put various places around my house. You have just inspired me to get started!
    I especially love the giant pom poms, especially the ones that are perched upon the heads of your hubby and puppy :) So cute!

  4. Fun! I love the giant red one : )

    New follower from EBT - come and say hello:

  5. So cute Jess!! I loved making them too! :)

  6. Awesome job - I always loved making the little kleenex pom poms as a girl. People used to decorate bridal cars with them back in the 70s.

  7. How fun! I suppose you can decorate just about anything depending the size you make. Love the embellishments on your husband and the dog. Too cute!

  8. Your husband cracks me up!! I bet that was his best "run way" look! He is a great model! LOL

  9. Super fun! I think crafting with family is also a lot of fun-- a chance to catch up with everyone and be creative! I have a crafting day planned in a few weeks with my aunt-- can't wait!

  10. I LOVE these! I had some parents at the school I worked at make these and hang them up. They look awesome! Can't wait to give it a try myself. Great for birthday/holiday decoration!