Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall In Love

The other day, my husband and I headed to a local park to have some photos taken. My mother was gracious enough to take the pictures for us. Here are a few of my favorites ~

The park was in full array of Fall colors..

This place is my very favorite for taking photos..

The scenery was just beautiful..

These are my favorite blue - eyes..

Thought you would all enjoy a taste of Autumn :)


  1. These are lovely and your mother is quite the photographer!


  2. Just a lovely collection of nice photos - guaranteed to evoke memories on cold winter evenings to come! Thanks for sharing them with this newbie - having seen your post in the Blogging Buddies forum just a few minutes ago.

    Will be following you, so hope you'll return the favour by visiting where I post about making, mending and creating the toys that I then try to sell at Hope to see you there sometime soon! Meanwhile, all the best Isobel