Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Love Story Pt 3

Before I begin where I left off in part 2, let me give you a little background of how I was raised.

My parents brought my brothers and I up on the idea of courtship. We were taught not to "date" (date as in the way the world does "dating" - going from person to person with no commitment). We never had boyfriends/girlfriends growing up because we were taught to wait for the right one… and the right one would come along in God's timing and we wouldn't start courting until we were of an age to get married. I am so glad to have been brought up this way. In courtship, the intention is marriage. I'm not saying that courtships always work out 100%, but in courtship there are boundaries set up for the protection of both people. The world's way of dating as I see it is going from person to person with no real commitment. There are generally no real boundaries and people end up getting hurt or getting a broken heart. This is especially true for girls. If a guy is playing around with her emotions and they end up breaking up, she will feel hurt and exposed. There is more to be said about courtship, but I wanted to get the general idea across that in courtship, there is commitment with the intention of marriage- no playing around.

So being raised that way, I had never dated, had a boyfriend, kissed a boy etc. I was emotionally pure, saving everything for my future husband. No regrets, no baggage to bring into a marriage. Besides the fact that I wasn't very interested in guys growing up and getting married was one of my biggest fears :) So I didn't think that I would meet my future husband that Summer of 2010 after my mom told me that God would bring the right person at the right time, but He did.. and I'm so glad He did!

Back to the story- Joey was coming over to declare his intentions..

On September 20th 2010, Joseph Farruggio told me that his intentions were to marry me. I made it very clear that I wouldn't be fooling around.. That my intentions were to marry him as well. So, on the day we started courting, we both had the understanding that marriage was in our future. I can't explain the feeling.. but I just knew that he was the one. He knew the moment he first saw me. Joey told me that we could take it slow.. maybe 3 or 4 years (well, that didn't happen). I said I was ok with that (what was I thinking?).

A few days later, with my parents permission, he took me on my first "date". I was so nervous and excited. I got all dressed up, did my hair and makeup and added some jewelry and perfume. This would be my first time out to dinner alone with a guy.. and not just any guy.. my future husband!

Me and my dad

My mom and I

Joey arrived, nicely dressed with flowers in hand, that "dreamy-eyed" look on his face. He took me to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. We had a wonderful time.

the "dreamy-eyed" look.

Our first "date"

my mom and Joey

getting the Italian treatment from my dad and Nick.

The following days and weeks were spent almost every night at my house. Staying up until midnight having deep, intellectual as well as casual talks with my mom. My dad couldn't make it 'til midnight- he was so tired ;) These days and weeks were also spent getting to know the families on both sides. 

I will end it here. The next part will be about our engagement ;)


  1. How interesting that you grew up this way! I've never known anyone who "courts" as opposed to dating. I think you should share a little more information about that, because I bet a lot of people are curious.

  2. Thank you for reading! I love looking at the comments :)

    Paige- thank you for the suggestion. I will do that.